Sabretooth One-Ups Wolverine. Again

In Celebrities, Film on May 8, 2009 at 8:39 pm

Despite X-Men Origins: Wolverine being Rotten, I think that Liev Schreiber deserves a round of applause.

Did anyone else feel this way? I thought Wolverine was entertaining but with a bad script and very, very average acting, but I thought that Schreiber totally outshone Jackman. Because, as dedicated as Hugh Jackman is to the role and as much as he looks like Wolverine… he doesn’t understand who Wolverine actually is. What Jackman’s basically been doing is reading lines written for the actor playing Wolverine. He doesn’t actually seem to know the character all that well.

You can tell because while people thought he was awesome in the X-Men Trilogy… what exactly did he do in those movies? He fought. A lot. But he didn’t really have many lines- he didn’t necessarily have to build a character. That’s what he needed to do in this one but he came up short when the focus was solely on his character.

But Liev Schreiber was brilliant. My Cinema Buddy (Anti-Trekkie BFF) and I said from the get go that he just didn’t look like Sabretooth, he didn’t look like he could pull it off. But he did. And it was good.

Ryan Reynolds deserves a heads-up too, I think. He had quite a minor role as far as acting goes. But I think he understood Deadpool’s brand of insanity and charm. I’m totally looking forward to his movie.

Taylor Kitsch actually disappointed me. I didn’t know much about him, but he sorta looked like Gambit and I was excited to see him in action. Seeing as I am a girl and, unsurprisingly, Gambit is probably my favourite mutant (being tied with Magneto and Icarus (do NOT ask) I was let down by his lack of ability. The accent wasn’t right and he… he just wasn’t Gambit. If he reprises his role for Gambit’s rumoured feature film, I hope he does better.

Anyway. I liked the film. But a lot of it was just a solid ‘Meh’ for me.

P.S. What the hell was up with Wolverine’s hair? It had a life of it’s own and it was on its way to filming a Pantene commercial.


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