By The Time SETI Contacts Daxam or New Genesis, I Won’t Be Beautiful Anymore

In Science on April 4, 2009 at 3:42 pm

SETI is confident we’ll contact Extra Terrestrials within two decades. This is too long. If my plan to convince them to take me off this backwater planet is to succeed, I’ll need to be young and looking my best. Nobody wants beef if they can have veal!

But all joking aside- this isn’t anything to get too excited over. It’s two decades until the possibility of SETI finding something. And even if we do ‘contact’ Extra Terrestrials- then what? You can bet they won’t understand any language on Earth and vice versa.

  1. Of course it’s worth getting excited about, what if the first planet they listen to says that we can visit them at the weekend and here’s the plans for a wormhole generator made out of lego?

    • Oh, my naive friend, any plans for a ‘wormhole generator’ they may want to give us will most likely be some sort of doomsday device once we flip the switch. Especially one made out of lego- I think everyone knows the evil that is a lego piece combined with a bare foot.

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