Is That How Biopics Work Now?

In Celebrities, Film on March 29, 2009 at 2:09 am

Jade Goody’s biopic is being discussed before she’s even in the ground. Michelle Ryan and Ashley Jensen are competing for the role. Apparently. The Mail is the one saying it, so a grain of salt with this story, please.

No disrespect to the dead and all, but she was basically a classless chav. She was ‘famous’ (and I use that term so loosely) for being a right dumbass on national television. She then exploited this stupidity to extend her 15 minutes of fame with a hair salon that failed, a perfume brand and an autobiography. I accept that she donated money to charity but… hundreds of people do that. She would have dropped off the radar completely if she hadn’t gone on Celebrity Big Brother. And I don’t accept her bullshit apology.

How interesting could a movie about her life possibly be?

Bleh. Whatever. I don’t care. There will be no more reporting on this subject. I never liked her.


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