China Does It Again

In World News on March 26, 2009 at 11:16 pm

They’ve blocked YouTube. Because there is footage of Chinese security forces beating Tibetians.

This is not the first time China’s done something like this- the words ‘Tank Man’ and ‘1989’ hold no meaning to university students in Beijing. 1989 is just another year, and they don’t know who ‘Tank Man’ is. If you type the words ‘Tiananmen Square’ into Google in China, you won’t see the iconic photograph taken by Jeff Widener (like you would in America or the U.K. or most other places in the world), you’ll get about three pages of photographs of the Tiana’nmen.

It’s funny because there was a survey I read about, months ago, where China was, like, the third country with a happy population who thought that things were getting better.

Ignorance really is bliss for some people.


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